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Payments and Service Fees

Keep payment processing and project invoicing easy.

Simplify your workflows through our built-in escrow system. Seamlessly invoice for work, link payment accounts, and manage project milestones all in one place.

Payment can be made and received using most major bank and credit card companies and through integrated payment processing tools such as PayPal.

At MedLance, we believe in straight-forward service fee structures for both clients and freelancers. See below for our current commission tiers:


15% service fee for the first $1,000 in project services provided.


10% service fee for $1,000-$5,000 in project services provided.


5% service fee for $5,000-$15,000 in project services provided.


1% service fee for >$15,000 in project services provided.




5% service fee for all project services provided.





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MedLance provides an easy-to-use conduit to deliver work and expertise. Flexible work and income in MedTech have never been easier.


Need on-demand talent for a MedTech project?

MedLance facilitates hassle-free sourcing of talent for healthcare projects. Find the right skills, at a fair price, and on your time. 

Additional MedLance Tools

MedTech Roadmap

MedLance Web Graphics
A resource blueprint to the medical product lifecycle.

  • Project-specific industry guidance
  • Precise Talent Recommendations
  • Valuable resource guides by stage
  • Free documentation & checklists

an abstract image representing medical technology ideas and innovation
an abstract image representing medical technology development and process

Milestone Tracking

an abstract image representing medical technology development and process
Keep all your projects and budgets on track.


  • Projects divided by milestones
  • Goals set between both parties
  • Shared date targets
  • Payouts per achievement

Our Why
Facilitating Growth by offering Medical Device Consulting Digitally

Healthcare demand continues to rise as the world population aged 65+ is set to increase by nearly 1 billion people between 2010 and 2050. In anticipation, the top 100 medical technology companies have already grown to employ over 1.8 million people globally. Despite large employment numbers, not a single aspect of sourcing, development, or management is done using a MedTech Freelance Marketplace (MFM).

At MedLance, we facilitate the growth of medical technology talent using a digital platform framework. Founded by MedTech professionals, we know the challenge of finding quality, on-demand resources and healthcare information. Our solution connects MedTech product developers with world-class freelancers who fill critical talent and knowledge gaps for medical device consulting. Our team is dedicated to empowering bold healthcare solutions by improving how MedTech work gets done.

As many in healthcare know, navigating product development in heavily regulated industries is no easy task. Hiring talent can create unwanted friction for MedTech companies. Significant hurdles include scattered information around sourcing talent, limited guidance in identifying business needs at each stage, and filling positions with overpriced or mediocre talent. MedLance eliminates challenges by providing high-caliber talent and information for the MedTech ecosystem.